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I and We: The Communal Ethos of Downtown | Stephan Kiefer | TEDxLivermore
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Added Aug 29, 2016
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What is a vibrant downtown? What makes it special? And why care?
A city’s downtown is the community's living room. Just like the living room in your own home, vibrancy comes from both the visitors and the residents. It is the heart of our communal ethos, the richness of our past, our present, and our shared future.
The post-World War II flight to the suburbs left empty wastelands of shops and businesses, with no life, in the heart of some cities. Residents, mixed in with the shops and restaurants, are what make the heart of a city come alive. It allows us to connect with others, face to face, alive, experiencing multiple cultures and perspectives.

Stephan leads Livermore, California’s Community & Economic Development Department, responsible for land use planning, community building, and economic development within the city. His current endeavors include completing the implementation of a downtown revitalization, and development of a new 4,000 home, transit-oriented neighborhood plan. Stephan’s guiding principles include facilitating consensus building and promoting place making synergy. Stephan holds a B.A. in Management from Saint Mary’s College, with additional course work in land use planning, real estate finance and public private partnerships.

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