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“If not now, then when?.....If not us then who?” | Yugratna Srivastava | TEDxChristUniversity
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Added Sep 27, 2016
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She is prodigiously interested in taking steps to prevent environmental problems. One
steps in this direction was TUNZA's International conference held last year in
Norway in which she got elected in Junior Board. She is the first Indian child to ever
get elected in the Junior Board.

Passionate about the environment and related issues, Yugratna is the representative for the Asia and Pacific region for TUNZA- Junior Board, a United Nation Environmental Programme. The first Indian child ever to be elected to this honour, she is undoubtedly a prodigy in leading the movement to save the environment. Truly having earned her position as Dsitrict child speaker champion, she has addressed gatherings from the Uniated Nations Summit on climate change to the Tunza International Children’s Conference in Korea. Her rousings words, “If not now, then when?.....If not us then who?” are a testament not only to her passion for the environment but also her remarkable prowess as an orator.

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