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If you do not try you do not know if you can | Stavros Kostoulas | TEDxUniversityofIoannina
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Added Jul 14, 2016
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Speach about parachute.

Stavros Kostoulas is your average next door person, with everyday toils having a family and other commitments. One
could call him a run of the mill man. What sets him apart is that since childhood he put faith in his dream. His dream
was to be able to fly like the heroes in childrens books, and what more, he actually made it. He graduated from flying
instructors schools and made his dream come true. Today Stavros is a certified cliff parachute instructor and is
professionally involved in the aero sport field, being one of the founding members and serving as president in variou
aerosport clubs. On top of that he has organized and coordinated myriad sport events. He occasionally gives lectures to
school students in his campaign to promote the sport.

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