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Imagination, creativity and innovation | Dr. Monika Petraite | TEDxBocconiU
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Added Aug 12, 2016
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Imagination, creativity and innovation: how they are linked to human nature?

Prof Dr Monika Petraite is s a full Professor at the Department of Strategic Management in Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Author of more than fifty research papers and numerous textbooks, her career is outstandingly rich in research, mainly focusing on innovation management, strategies for innovation, and knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship. Having acquired many of her research competences during PhD studies at SDA Bocconi, Dr Petraite is currently a visting professor at ESSEC and a venturing faculty fellow’s programme graduate from Stanford University.
Alongside academic work, the advice of Dr Petraite weighs strongly in the implementation and design of innovation policy for the Lithuanian government. She is in the core-expert group advising the Lithuanian Ministry of Economy in Innovation policy design and implementation, and has contributed to many comparative studies on Innovation dynamics and policies, acting as a National Expert for Lithuania.

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