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In the Social Sea/U socijalnom moru | Nikola Radojlović | TEDxBelgrade
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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From the moment we begin our socialization, we encounter different opinions, expectations and standpoints from our immediate surroundings. In this social sea we cannot remain neutral towards the dominant standpoints which create the waves and affect our lives. For me, as a person with disabilities, many of these waves were unattainable and therefore represented a barrier. This is a story about the circumstances that have prompted me to, after many years of running away from the reality, truly accept myself with all my limitations and to engage in a battle against the waves of other people's opinions.

Nikola Radojlović, is a 28 year-old from Belgrade. He won the competition organized by the Open Mic in December 2015, at the Ben Akiba comedy club and since then started his career as a stand up comedian. He has dozens of public appearances with rock band San Debelih Zena. He is a professor of history and is currently working in a humanitarian non-governmental organization. In addition to stand-up, is engaged in composing, writing aphorisms, songs and scenarios.

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