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Industry 4.0- Not just the Future of Industry | Augusta Ene | TEDxEroilor
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Added Sep 28, 2016
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Are we witnessing the 4.0 Industrial Revolution? What is IoT and how can we use big data when it comes to all processes? Augusta efficiently explains and performs the transformation from unoptimized manufacturing to efficient and smart manufacturing.

As a passionate physicist, Augusta Bianca Ene could have been part of an experts group in spectroscopy or a member of different research institutes working on topics like superconductor research or space re-entry simulations. After analyzing the catalytic reaction of benzene with oxygen to phenol on a molecular level she obtained her PhD with “Summa cum laude” from the University of Stuttgart.
But no, in 2011, Augusta decided to join Bosch, a multinational company in Germany, Reutlingen, in the automotive industry. There, she deeply engaged in the semiconductor manufacturing processes, developing new plasma etching processes and implementing different automation and fault detection systems.
Today she is back in Romania, since 2015. Why? Because the same company for which she was working for the past 6 years decided to start the Industry 4.0 “revolution”.

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