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Inlander mentality in facing demographic bonus | Qintari Aninditha | TEDxKesawanSquare
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Added Sep 30, 2016
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In 2035, Indonesia will face a demographic bonus. Like it or not, the youth must be ready to stand at the heart of development and regulate the beats. the awareness of "inlander (colonized) mentality" through everyday culture and a strong synergy among the youth organization will determine whether this demographic bonus will be successful or not.

Qintari Aninditha began her career at the age of 17 as a newsreader at D'iNews TV in Medan. A year later, while conducting her studies she was selected as a GenRe Ambassador of North Sumatra in 2012 that took her to all corners of North Sumatra, disseminating the Generation Plan program under the auspices of the BKKBN. This program was an attempt to lower the statistics of early marriage, unwanted pregnancy, drugs and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS among teenagers in North Sumatra. In 2013, Qintari represented North Sumatra in the Indonesian Youth Forum with her social project as a Fine Arts Club President. She also represented Indonesia in the International Youth Leadership Conference in Dubai in late 2013 and the Committee on Education Access and Human Rights in the G20 Countries Youth Forum in Germany in May 2014. Currently, with her educational background of undergraduate psychology and enthusiasm in the field of youth empowerment, Qintari is still active as a trainer and mentor.

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