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Inside Punsari: A model Indian village | Himanshu Patel | TEDxDAIICT
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Added Aug 8, 2016
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Mr. Himanshu talks about his time as the sarpanch of the village Punsari in Gujarat. He puts light on how he transformed his village to make it a model village.

Himanshu Patel is the Sarpanch of Punsari – a village that has been declared a model village by both the state and the central government. He has been the Sarpanch of the village for the past 9 years, taking on the task of developing his own village at the age of 24 after completing his studies. Punsari hosts a population of around 6,000 people and has uninterrupted water and electricity supply. Along with that, the entire village is WiFi enabled and has street lights and a proper drainage system. The village is protected with the help of CCTV cameras located at certain points and has around 140 loudspeakers installed around the village. Over ‘300’ officials from around the country have visited this village and are trying to replicate this model in their villages. The village of Punsari has been the recipient of awards such as the Swarnim Gram Award and the Nirmal Gram Award by the central government.

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