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Integrating Medicine | Joanna Bishop | TEDxRuakura
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Added Sep 16, 2016
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The history of medicine is a fascinating study, and it brings you to the realisation that the scientific based definition of medicine is a relative recent invention.

In fact it soon becomes apparent that many of the treatments, cures and reliefs that are pursued by the majority of people lie outside of the ‘science based’ model. So how do these two models work together?
Are there incompatibilities that can cause harm?
Are there possible synergies that can be more effective in combination?

The theme of TEDx Ruakura 2016 was Morphosis.

Dr Joanna Bishop is a researcher currently based at the University of Auckland’s School of Pharmacy, Joanna has a particular interest in the use of medicinal plants and different perceptions of medicine and medical practices.

With a background in medical herbalism, Joanna went on to complete a Bachelor of Science, a Masters in Anthropology, before finally completing her PhD which examined the history of medicinal plants in New Zealand’s settler medical culture.

She has a keen interest in medical history and ethnobotany – the study of people and plants – and hopes one day to work as a medical anthropologist or ethnobotanist; spending her time in a remote and unfamiliar countries learning how people use plants in their everyday lives.

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