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Invisible Doors | Myrijam Stoetzer | TEDxIUBH
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Added Aug 25, 2016
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Because break-through is a huge word, and it implies that all the mysteries or problems have been solved at once (… far from it in reality…) and sometimes these changes are just the starting point of new developments. Myrijam’s talk is about the breakthroughs she had before and during her projects, and about breakthroughs is general.

Myrijam Stoetzer is a 15-year-old German girl who could not be more impressive. Her projects include a virtual jogging device for street view (Google Science Fair 2014, regional award) and a sensor for automatic dosage of washing liquid (German Science Fair 2014, 2nd prize regional level). As well as a 5x5x5 LED cube for Lego Mindstorms with additional hardware.

However, her greatest success is the development of a wheelchair that can be controlled by eye movements. Together with her fellow student Paul Foltin, they won the 1st prize in the German Science Competition on national level (“Bundessieg Fachgebiet Arbeitswelt”) for this project.

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