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Is there life on Mars? | Lucy Berthoud | TEDxUniversityofBristol
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Added Jul 18, 2016
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How could life possibly survive here on this cold hostile planet flooded with radiation? To find this out, we have to know what the conditions for life might be. Could there be life on Mars? In this visually engaging talk, scientist Dr Lucy Berthoud unpacks these questions with the help of a few experiments she has up her sleeve.

Lucy Berthoud is a Spacecraft Systems Engineer, with a PhD in Space Physics from ENSAE, Toulouse and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bristol. She has worked in the Space Industry for twenty years on interplanetary spacecraft missions to Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon and comets. She currently works for Thales Alenia Space UK on a Mars Sample Return mission and also teaches Spacecraft design at the University of Bristol. Before that she was a visiting scientist at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston looking at planetary cratering and at the European Space Agency in Holland investigating space debris.

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