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Isn’t it time we started to ‘ignore the rule book’? | Ben Gallagher | TEDxRosalindParkED
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Added Jun 23, 2016
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One of the biggest inhibitors of schools trying to reform and transform education is the rulebook known as ‘the curriculum’. I will talk about ways that we can allow kids to make, create, play, learn and inquire whilst still managing to cover the all important curriculum. By presenting ideas and experiences of how this can be done attendees will be able to envisage ways that this will be able to be done by themselves in their own educational context. You will hear about the development of the SWITCH program at Melton Primary School and how it is providing students with exciting learning opportunities that have never been possible before in such a low socio-economic school and also the amazing LEGO animation film festival that screened in Ballarat's largest cinema, run by a group of Grade 1/2 students in a little country school in Meredith, Victoria. All of this will be done in an exciting and inspiring way full of fun with links to my own childhood (and “big-childhood”) experiences.

Ben Gallagher thinks big when it comes fostering a fascination with maths amongst his students.

He creates a sense of excitement and exploration in the classroom where maths-rich digital games, challenges and technologies help curious young minds thrive. He also ran a School Film Festival -hosted by none other than Academy Award Winning Animator, Adam Elliot, where student-created stop motion Lego videos were screened at the local cinema. Whilst fun is a key to success, Ben is serious about the teamwork, strategy, coding and problem-solving skills that students gain along the way. Ben is a Leading Teacher of Innovative Learning Design and ICT and was ICTEV’s Educator of the Year in 2012 and a finalist in the VEEA Outstanding Primary School Teacher Category in 2015. Ben is also a Vice-president of Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria, with a his focus on students and community.

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