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It’s about romanity | Adrian Oianu | TEDxBucharestSalon
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Added Sep 27, 2016
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Adrian Oianu, shared his vision about design, purpose and romanity. His story was about finding a purpose in life and at the same time promoting Romania and its heritage. A decade ago, while building a successful business in the States, he asked himself “why am I not happy?”. The answers was about the word “homesick”, he felt that he had to do something for his country. All the famous designers got their inspiration from their country’s culture and identity, why didn’t we? So he decided to change mentalities and design a dress for the Romanian women. A dress inspired from the Romanian national traditional blouse – white, plain, authentic, original, unique.
Identitary design gives him purpose, that speaks about the emancipation in identity, the culture and tradition of Romania – injecting romanity to everybody that wears the pieces of Romanian design.

Fashion Designer
Adrian Oianu is the first Romanian fashion designer who searched and explored the Romanian heritage, taking elements from the traditional Romanian costume and reinterpreting it to the contemporary.
Since 2006, each collection was inspired from specific Romanian elements, themes and native emblematic figures.
The magic of the work comes from its connection with motherland Romania, with its story tales, beauty and history and with the uniqueness of its can it be described?...soft and kind…like warm bread! These women wear their garments joyfully, imprinting them with their cheerfulness, with no vanity or infatuation.

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