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Jeśli Twoje oczy są zielone to masz przechlapane | Agnieszka Frankowska | TEDxPoznańSalon
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Added Jul 27, 2016
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Agnieszka udowadnia, że niedoskonałość nie czyni człowieka mnie przydatnym a sami niedoskonali więcej dają niż biorą.

Agnieszka proves that imperfection does not make a man unuseful and the imperfect give more than they take.

Agnieszka has been working in the Therapy Workshop "Friends", in the Arts Laboratory and in the Household Laboratory for more than 17 years as an instructor. Although she experienced burnout, Agnieszka wanted to continue to work with people with intellectual disabilities. She went one step further and gave them and herself a new perspective on professional development. Therefore, together with Dominik Marszałek she established Good Social Collective (Dobra Spółdzielnia Socjalna), where she is a vice-chairperson now. The collective became most known for employing intellectually disabled people in the Good Cafe (Dobra Kawiarnia).

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