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Joke’s On Us | Andrew Will | TEDxBrentwoodCollegeSchool
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Added Aug 16, 2016
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Inter-personal relationships affect a myriad of individuals every single day. From the world of business, to a casual social outings​, humour is not only something to make people laugh, but it is also used (often unbeknownst) as device to achieve a greater connection during conversation. Andrew will touch on the under-usage and under-appreciation of humour in society today, and will attempt to resolve issues of conflict, breaking through formal barriers, and the management of social stigmas.

Andrew Will is a Brentwood student hailing from Red Deer, Alberta. He has many interests here at the school, ranging from musical theatre to debate. He is also a dedicated member of the Hockey Squad, although many would describe his position not as a left-wing but more of a left-bench. Being one of 60+ plus students from Alberta, he loves the temperate climate, but misses the piles of snow and the decent hockey teams back home (The Calgary Flames).

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