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Journey Into The Radio Industry | RJ Naved | TEDxSSCBS
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Added Jul 20, 2016
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RJ Naved, one of the famous 'voices' on Indian radio today, talks about his journey and shares some hilarious anecdotes about how he has reached to the point he is at today. He gives an insights into his incidents, hardships and tribulations while making you laugh you off your seat.

Naved Khan, a man with an impeccable sense of humor, a soft heart and his ability to connect with the listeners is what made him so popular on the radio channel Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM. While working as a Customer Service Executive he realized that there was more he wanted to do, something extraordinary that could provide him an opportunity to entertain people and along with that do his bit to help change the world.
Naved strongly believes that as an RJ he only has one motive and that is to make his listeners happy that he does by playing pranks on common man and performing mimicry. Popularly known as Dilli ka Don he has devised his pranks to address social issues like Indo-Pak relations, dowry issues etc. According to Naved his job as a prankster RJ is driving him insane as he has to give in a lot of though everyday to plan a prank but then again we all know that our beloved RJ Naved would put in all his efforts to make sure that his listeners are happy to hear him.

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