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科学と人をつなぐアイデア「サイエンスカフェ」 | Hiromi Minoda | TEDxTitech
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Added Aug 15, 2016
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She works as a researcher at a company but hosts "Science Cafe" weekends. What is the "Science Cafe"? It is not a cafe or a place for people to do scientific experiments. She talks why she hosts and what she aims through these events.

Science Communicator
She is a leader in an executive office of WEcafe.
She received a qualification of science communicator which is admitted by National Museum of Nature and Science when she was in a graduate school. She established an organization called WEcafe to do activities of science communication. She hold a science café, an event to talk about science, every month in Tokyo in order to make good relationships between science and society. Since 2011, she is also engaged in public relation in her office as a science communicator.

ウィークエンド・カフェ・デ・サイエンス(WEcafe)事務局 代表

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