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Keep educated - no matter how cruel life gets | Tarek Turk | TEDxYouth@Jahez
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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Education is a savior. It is an investment that will surely pay off one day" This is how Tarek, a medical student from Syria, defined education in his talk. He believes that in spite of all life struggles and sorrows young students shouldn't lose hope and should keep fighting for their dreams and for a better future. He urges all Syrian and non-Syrian students, inside and outside Syria, to do their best to maintain their education and to hang on every possible opportunity to learn more no matter how limited their resources are.

Terak is a fifth-year medical student at Damascus University, Syria. He have always had a taste for science, and a firm commitment to medicine. Tarek Says: "When I do volunteer work, I always make sure to keep a slice for educational purposes. I have had the honor of teaching tens of younger students and friends at my Uni." Through the past 5 years, living in a difficult area has been an exhausting uphill climb. However, it taught Tarek to keep moving forward and to never give up no matter how hard life hits.

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