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Kids in Care: Let’s Start a Revolution! | Laura Beveridge | TEDxGlasgow
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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There are currently 15,404 children and young people in care in Scotland and many more thousands of people who have gone through the same themselves. Whilst in care herself, Laura was bullied and felt different and isolated. Throughout her working life, she has seen the barriers young people still have to face as a result of their time going through similar situations.
Laura’s talk will provide an insight into what life feels like in care and the real people behind those grim statistics. She will explain how children in care are one of the most marginalised and misunderstood groups in society and invite you to join the movement that seeks to change care forever.

Laura Beveridge is a Development Officer at Who Cares? Scotland helping young people in Scotland. Having grown up in care herself, Laura’s life was disruptive in a different way, moving around a lot and having everything she did, from jumping on a trampoline to a sleepover with friends, recorded and risk assessed. Prior to this strict and nervous system Laura’s life was a collection of trauma, rejection and physical pain.

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