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Kitchens of compassion: Nourishing 1.5 million dreams every day | Shridhar Venkat | TEDxCRCE
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Added Aug 16, 2016
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While we sit in the comfort of our homes, there are millions of children who are deprived of their basic right to food and feel the pain associated with hunger. Watch as Mr. Shridhar Venkat invigorates us with the mammoth task his organisation handles of serving 1.5 million children with healthy mid day meals daily across 12,000 schools in India.

Shridhar Venkat has over 23 years of work experience and has been associated with leading multinationals like Philips, ABB, Webex Communications (now CISCO), etc. He is currently the CEO of Akshaya Patra Foundation, the world's largest non-profit organisation providing Mid-day meal to 1.5 million children in India every day. Prior to joining Akshaya Patra he was Vice President – Sales, Webex Communications. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Management. Shridhar is an Eisenhower Fellow 2014 and is a graduate of the Advanced Management Program from Wharton Business School 2014 . In Akshaya Patra, Shridhar oversees all the executive functions such as Resource Mobilization, Communication, Finance, HRD, IT and Operations Excellence Initiative.

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