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Language and Connection | Malcolm Field | TEDxWasedaU
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Added Sep 2, 2016
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The debate is always whether technology has connected us more or disconnected us from reality. Malcolm Fields is here to say that it is neither. It is the power of language that can bond people together or tear them apart.

Professor Malcolm Field was born and raised in Papua New Guinea. He completed his high school, undergraduate and master’s diplomas in Australia, and earned his doctorate from the School of Education at the University of Cambridge, England.
His Ph.D. concerned the influence that technology has on learning in “cultural” contexts (specifically, the university). Professor Field has been associated with Waseda University for more than 12 years, and has held tenured professorships at Hakodate Future University and Kyorin University.
Professor Field regularly conducts leadership and pedagogy training and workshops in Vietnam. Around four years ago, he returned to the discipline of learning and thinking, attempting to apply the growth of knowledge regarding cognitive and behavioural sciences to “cultural” contexts.

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