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Laughter as a way to get through difficulties | Ivan Kirkov | TEDxVarna
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Added Aug 11, 2016
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Why laughter is important in our life, how living with a sense of humor is helpful through difficult times, is there a recipe to make someone smile - all that and much more in Ivan Kirkov's talk.

Ivan Kirkov is stand-up comedian and producer. Owner of The Comedy Club Sofia and page stand-up comedy Born in Stara Zagora and graduated from High school Romain Rolland in English and French, and later studied and lived for ten years in Vienna. In 2012 Kirkov decided to return to Bulgaria, to invest in new business and to start a career as a comedian and producer of stendap comedy. May 2012 based, and a little later try and open microphone, then began his career as a comedian stendap. In 2015 he organized the Second Festival of Stand-up comedy in Sofia, and a bit later opened the first in Bulgaria club stand-up comedy - The Comedy Club Sofia, where the invited stars such as Marina Orsag and Daniel Grozdich, better known as Serbian Lesson Guy.
2016 Ivan Kirkov organize the biggest show in Bulgaria - Dylan Moran.

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