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Lessons of a past not lived... | Neda Eneva | TEDxUtrechtUniversity
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Added Jul 21, 2016
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Neda believes strongly that her personal transformation in understanding the pain of the not­ so ­distant past of her home country Bulgaria and adopting it as an inherent companion will bring forward stronger the hope and firm belief in the opportunities of today. More importantly, the story of her family, of the generations before is the reality of many people around the world still. A story that needs to be understood, a story which illuminates the givens of today, of who we are and who we can be and how truly a gift that is.

As a storyteller and passionate writer, Neda has always had a knack for seeing the unobservable and questioning the status quo. With a vivid imagination and not being afraid to live a life of contrasts, she always strives to look at the world from new and unexplored angles. Having lived in the Netherlands now for almost 10 years, having gone through professional experiences that range from political organizations, development and sustainability projects, to international and local NGOs, artistic and political platforms, one thing has always remained the unchanged inherent motivator in her search for one’s purpose in life.

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