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Lessons of the Bubble - An Unexpected Social Experience | Sandy Snakenberg | TEDxPickeringStreet
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Added Oct 10, 2016
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Over the last 25 plus years. Sandy has been and is a speed skating coach and a coach of functional strength conditioning for beginner to Olympic class athletes. As well as working with those of special needs. Before coaching he was a Chef, and has held 2 world records in speed-skating as well as other athletic accolades that would fill a book. He now adds “Bubbleologist” or “Bubble Artis” to his resume.

“Lessons of the Bubbles” is about his journey and lessons learned not just from the bubbles but from his observations of others when exposed or re-exposed to their magic.

1999 24-hr Inline Speed Skating World Record Holder & Olympian, now turned coach, Sandy Snakenberg has recently earned his title as a "Bubbleogist". As a bubble artist, Sandy performs regularly in various locations around Singapore. You can keep up with his or become a member of the "Order Of The Immaculate Bubble" yourself on The "Order Of The Immaculate Bubble" Facebook page.

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