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Let the used cooking oil fly | Stone Liu | TEDxSuzhou
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Added Jul 26, 2016
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Stone used to ship a large volume of the Used cooking oil from Asia to EU to produce Biofuel. When he found out the problem of used cooking oil in China, he decided to move back to China to solve this problem. In 2015, Shutong founded MotionECO, a company focus on Sustainable transportation. Working together with Tongji University on a project that convert the local used cooking oil into biofuel to be used in local buses, which help to solve the food safety and environmental problems

Stone graduated from VU University Amsterdam, has a master degree of Environment & Energy Management Studies. Before come back to China in 2015, He lived in the Netherlands for 9 years. Stone is the founder of "Let the Used cooking Oil fly” project, has great passion in Environmental and renewable energy.

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