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Life Imitation Biomimicry | Bor-Kai (Bill) Hsiung | TEDxUniversityofAkronSalon
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Added Aug 23, 2016
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Imagine being able to clone the attributes of animals around you and apply them to your own technology and lifestyle. In this talk Bor-Kai Hsiung (Bill) discusses his research on the structural color of spiders. He goes further to explain and show, what his studies have accomplished and how it can help the world.

Bill (from Taiwan) is a certified Biomimicry Specialist (Biomimicry 3.8) and a Biomimicry Fellow in the Integrated Bioscience program here at The University of Akron sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. In his talk, he will walk us through a journey of the research that he is doing in the university labs and its connection with Biomimicry. Bill is researching structural colors in spiders. Structural color is the production of color by microscopically structured surfaces, rather than pigments; it has immense potential for biomimetic applications.

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