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Life’s lessons from children in crisis | Alexander Strauss | TEDxTUHH
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Added Jun 24, 2016
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Alexander Strauss recollects his experiences of interacting, as a clown, with kids from leukemia wards of hospitals to war-torn regions in the middle east. He talks about how these interactions have taught him about setting priorities, communicating across cultures and borders and most importantly, the importance of hope in their lives.

Alexander Strauss studied Arabic and African studies at the University of Vienna, with stays in Yemen and Africa.
In parallel, he started exploring various expression forms and techniques of world and contemporary dance, such as candomble dances of Brazil or Sema dance of Turkish dervishes. Since 1992, he is a professional dancer in numerous performances with many dance companies throughout Germany. He participated in leading company trainings and choreographic assistances throughout Europe, Russia and Egypt.
Since 2008, he is a clown at the Klinik-Clowns Bayern e.V., a non-profit organisation of clowns visiting children, adults and the elderly in hospitals in Bavaria with focus on rheumatic and oncological patients as well as palliative care.
Strauss is also the president of Clowns Without Borders International, an independent non-profit organization of professional artists who perform all over the world to relieve the suffering of children and adults in areas of crisis.

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