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Living Fearlessly and the Power to Make a Difference | Kris Dreessen | TEDxSUNYGeneseo
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Added Jul 7, 2016
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Photojournalist Kris Dreessen gave up her belongings and left her job to live her dream: to travel around the world helping to document communities with disappearing and under-documented languages, and sharing stories of everyday people who make a difference in the lives of others. She started with her own, crowdfunding to build a school in Nicaragua, then Masai, villagers and others who transform their communities.

What does living with families who share no common language with you, building a school with farmers in Nicaragua, going into the Outback with Aboriginal groups and blowing up your life to live your dream teach us? She also reveals the most profound lessons she's learned about how to live fearlessly that relate to everyday bravery and empowerment.

Kris Dreessen, editor of the Geneseo alumni magazine and a freelance photographer and writer, gave up most her belongings in 2014 to travel the world. She started by living with Nicaraguan farmers in El Sauce and has collaborated with linguists working with under-studied languages. She has been an outdoors and feature reporter, editor and photographer for newspapers and has visited 35 countries. In 2006, she created The Friends Project, which funds small improvement projects in developing communities.

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