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Living a Digital Legacy | Keven Hempel | TEDxLivermore
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Added Aug 29, 2016
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This journey through one man’s past reveals the foundational role one person can play in a family’s existence. Keven wants to build a location on social networks where caring can become an addiction. When his grandmother passed away, he lost a teacher, a supporter, a parent. She was the glue that held the entire family together, and her voice is still on his grandfather's phone, so the family can hear her voice, for comfort.
When Keven began ‘living out loud’ on social media in his desire to expand the love and connection his grandmother left as a void, the weight of negative responses, insult and complaints made him realize he didn't want his girls to live like this in the future. Instead, all of us can build a positive place for our children and grandchildren.

Keven has 17 years of experience in the construction industry with multiple positions held from carpenter through Founder. Prior to founding True North Services, Inc. and becoming Co-Founder for the HOS Business Center, he was involved with several aspects of the construction and business process for hundreds of projects. Mr. Hempel has built trusting and long-standing relationships with his clients and is constantly researching mindfulness and the emotional connection with future product development, as well as what, and how, technology is to be used in our ever-changing world.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at