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M45 Pleiades | الثريا M45 | Attia Alhasadi | TEDxAlFwayhat
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Added Oct 3, 2016
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يبدأ عطية الخطاب بعلاقة الإنسان مع النجوم ومسيرة فهم أسرار الكون، والتي تبين مقدار حجمه الضئيل مقارنة بحجم السماوات. الخطاب هو دعوة لتغيير طريقة تفكيرنا حول إنسانيتنا، وفتح أفق جديدة نحو بناء مستقبلنا. يناقش عطية فكرة الكائنات الفضائية وأشكال الحضارات الممكن إيجادها في الكون. بالإضافة إلى إسهامات الليبيين القدماء في المعرفة الفضائية وما هي المبادرات التي تحاول نقش مستقبل علم الفضاء في ليبيا بسطور من ذهب.

Attia discusses human relationship with the stars and understanding the secrets of the universe, which show how tiny is our size compared to the universe. The talk is a call to change the way we think about our humanity and open a new horizon towards building our future. Attia discusses the idea of creatures from outer space and forms of civilization can be found within the universe. Also, Attia talks about the contributions of ancient Libyans in the knowledge of space and the initiatives that are trying to engrave the future of space science in Libya with lines of gold.

Attia is 22 years old. He graduated from the Department of Physics at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences - University of Omar Mukhtar in the city of Darnah. He is passionate about science, especially physics and mathematics. Attia is a professional handball player for Darns Club. He loves culture, literature and interested in art, music, philosophy and he has an experience with writing short stories that focus on the suffering of youth as well as literary criticism of local situation in the country. He works as a local coordinator accredited by the United Nations to revive the activities of the World Space Week, which aims to spread the importance of space science in human life. Additionally, he is working as a delegate of the Libyan Transitional Council for Space Generation "United support for students on space applications program." Attia dreams of building a Libyan space agency and leading an entrepreneurial astronomical project that adds a value to knowledge.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at