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Make Love Infectious | Wendell Rosevear | TEDxUQ
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Added Sep 2, 2016
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I want to be part of a revolution based on Love. We suffer in power struggles, addiction, revenge, denial and abuse. Love is attractive but many people have not experienced it. I want to translate Love to its user-friendly elements. Love is not about perfect people but healthy interaction. Acceptance and honesty are the tools of love. Power and denial are the tools of abuse. Whether victims or perpetrators, I want you to regain personal value. Abuse is the absence of Love, healing restores Love. Resolution relieves more than Revenge. Power collectives come and go but Love endures. When we love those within our reach we are participating in a revolution.

Dr.Wendell Rosevear.O.A.M, M.B.,B.S. Dip.RACOG. FRACGP.J.P. (Qual.)
Dr. Rosevear co-founded the Gay & Lesbian Health Services in Brisbane in 1990. He founded GLADS-Gay & Lesbian Alcohol & Drug recovery group in 1991 and MARS-Men Affected by Rape & Sexual Abuse in 1993 helping 1,231 male victims and 141 perpetrators. He helps victims and perpetrators of both genders find resolution.
He's worked in Prisons from 1975 to 2005 and in HIV/AIDS since 1985 before we had anti-viral treatments. He also works in Transgender and Intersex health, Relationship Counseling, General Practice and in Suicide Prevention. He is on the State Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council. He worked in Hong Kong and Nepal 1986 to 1989.
He has many National and Local awards including the Order of Australia Medal, 1996 AMA “Best Individual Contribution to Health Care in Australia” and 1996 Brisbane Citizen of the Year.

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