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Making Indian classical music relevant to the contemporary | Manasi Prasad | TEDxHyderabad
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Added Jun 27, 2016
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Manasi Prasad connects us to our roots by infusing the beauty of music from different times to present day creating relevance for us to understand it nuances better. Her musical talk takes us through the harmonious tunes of tradition woven into a modern context. She tells us how her passion drove her to choose Carnatic classical music, over a high flying corporate job and what are her visions for classical music. She highlights the importance once again of “following your heart”

Manasi wears many hats, successfully. She is the mother of a feisty two year old, an engineer with a degree in Information Science, a management graduate from IIM Bangalore, the project director of India's first experiential music museum, a TED fellow and above all - a musician. Despite so many achievements, music is what defines Manasi. It is her first love, passion, dream and life. A trained musician in classical Carnatic music and a performing artist for the past 15 years, she has travelled the world through music. Manasi left behind a job at the prestigious Wall Street to pursue her passion - music. She makes music more relevant in the modern context and and is now working towards binding all boundaries through music.

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