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Making culture from complexity | Julius Colwyn | TEDxWhitehall
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Added Oct 17, 2016
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Where multiple independent systems interact, such as cells in a body or bodies in a crowd, complexity ensues. Artist Julius Colwyn explores complexity through metaphor, including how culture can channel its meaning.

Julius Colwyn is a nomad, in between disciplines, walking the strange places between the bodies of knowledge, a thought ecologist, cross pollinating ideas into new environments.

Working as a creative practitioner in the interdisciplinary space between the arts and the sciences, projects evolve through collaboration with scientists and academics, exploring the role of artistic engagement in the process of knowledge generation. His most recent projects have been in the field of complex systems theory, working with scientists and practitioners studying the principles of complexity in human social systems.

His approach to any subject matter is concerned with manifest meaning, the ways we grow thought and feeling into forms and actions. This can be putting texture to an emotion, catching a moment of time in light, sculpting a thought or writing out a state of mind. It is the work of art rather than any one art work, choosing the mediums or metaphors that convey a given message.

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