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Math Education | Hazem Hassan | TEDxYouth@ISEE
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Added Jun 21, 2016
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How important is math ? A lot. But is that the same math the math department inform you of in school ? the same math done everyday and forgotten after the exam ?

Hazem is a very passionate person, especially when it comes to problem solving, he enjoys doing thought-provoking riddles or puzzles. With the help of maths professors in the University of Cairo, where he attended several maths courses, Hazem developed a deep skill for mathematics. He has attended several maths events including the Modern Mathematics International Summer School in Lyon 2014, which was attended by some of the most mathematicians alive today, and the Medditeranian Youth Mathematics Championship where he represented Egypt along with 3 other teammates. Currently, He holds an offer to study maths in the University of Oxford. Besides Maths, his interests include Physics and Science in general, computer programming, chess, basketball, swimming and cubing.

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