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Meet the Boogie Man | Gabrielius Kliauza | TEDxISM
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Added Jun 29, 2016
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The bottom line of the talk is the evolution of the banking and the constant struggle between the 'Sound Money Advocacy' and that what we might call 'Inflationists'. In the last 300-400 there is a silent debate which is strongly amplified when the economy hits a serious crisis. The focal points were 1820 then 1929 and now again we see a debate resurgent. The essence of this debate is the monetary system architecture - who produces money and so forth. But the most interesting thing is that over the last 30 years, money, credit and banks - these basic concepts have disappeared from the economic interpretation. The bottom line is that today more than ever, this topic is lost in the Mist. I will present the centuries-long struggle and how money operates today and will give a clear criticism of this economic mainstream.

Daily – the explorer, overnight - the philosopher. Spirit the one of the rebel, yet physically – just another meat ball

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