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Men and Women Are Not as Different As You Think | Nikhil Shivakumar | TEDxIrvingtonHighSchool
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Added Jul 14, 2016
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Is make-up really just for women, or was it actually designed for men as well? How did these gender stereotypes come to be?

Nikhil Shivakumar is a lot of things. Ever since he was really young, he’s been an avid reader. Because of that, he’s developed some sort of a vocabulary, and loves expressing his thoughts articulately. Nikhil is very opinionated about a lot of subjects. Being raised in an environment where he got to express his opinions frequently without retribution, he started talking a lot. He’s almost a little too energetic. He tries to channel this in DECA, and also south Indian classical music. He’s loved music ever since he was a baby, and it is definitely his one true passion. Nikhil’s really a mess sometimes, but he tries his best, despite his slight tendencies to procrastinate. He’s passionate about equality for everyone in all different facets, and most of all, he just wants to spread love all over the world with his sometimes naive, unadulterated optimism.

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