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Mind Wandering | Vanshika Jain | TEDxIrvingtonHighSchool
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Added Jul 18, 2016
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So often, we find ourselves desiring to do more with our time, while simultaneously doing nothing. How can we be more proactively inactive?

My names is Vanshika Jain, and I am currently a junior at Saint Francis High School. I enjoy sleeping, reading, flying, and doing math. After watching TedEd videos to learn about topics ranging from the origins of ballet to the science behind figuring out the colors of dinosaurs and TED talks that inspired me to act against slavery or the stigma associated with depression, I though that the TEDx platform would be a great stage to share my ideas. The central idea of this Tedx is "the bigger picture”; I like to think of this as simply a different perspective of looking at an ordinary activity or item. Since different views give more information, the “picture” that we see is automatically enlarged.

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