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Misery, and Other Indulgences | Emiliano Burr | TEDxUChicago
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Added Jun 29, 2016
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In our daily lives, we shy away from the uncomfortable, the unaccepted, and the unknown. But happens when you see them displayed on the big screen? A young filmmaker, Emiliano argues that despite its unusual nature, experimental film allows us to confront such matters in a way that reflects reality more than we think.

Emiliano Burr is a writer, journalist, summer camp director, and barista pursuing a degree in Cinema & Media Studies from The University of Chicago. While his professional work addresses arts and community programming for youth, he remains focused on writing and directing. In addition to those first music videos, his earlier work encompassed spliced-together moments of friends, family, and places gleaned over extended periods of time. The sentiments behind these ‘observations’, and the intention behind capturing them, have since begun manifesting themselves in both narrative and experimental styles.Looking towards the future, Emiliano believes film has the capacity to be the most influential art medium in the digital age, and consistently explores themes related to disillusionment, the public and private, and memory. He considers film as having the responsibility to amalgamate other mediums, as his current projects have been increasingly referential to sculpture and painting.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at