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Moral Dilemmas | Baillie Aaron | TEDxSWPS
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Added Sep 30, 2016
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Baillie Aaron is no stranger to moral dilemmas: situations in which there is no feasible option except one that violates the decision-maker's values or ethical standards; where not only is there no easy answer, but there's also no right answer. In this talk, Baillie will share some of the more challenging moral dilemmas she's encountered over the years, and the decisions she's made, while inviting you to consider: what would you have done?

Baillie is the Founder & CEO of Spark Inside, a charity facilitating a more fulfilling, productive and rehabilitative prison culture through professional life coaching. Spark Inside has offered its Hero's Journey coaching programme to over 200 young people leaving prison, helping them realise their potential and live a more values-aligned, purposeful life. Baillie is a UK Ministry of Justice Policy Fellow, World Economic Forum Global Shaper, and graduate of Harvard and Cambridge universities. She is passionate about empowering people to break through glass ceilings in order to realise their dreams – as well as travelling and
dancing salsa.

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