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Morder el Hielo | Biting the Ice | Lluís Soldevila | TEDxESADE
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Added Jul 18, 2016
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Nicholas Murray definió que en el mundo existen tres tipos de personas: Primero, los que hacen que las cosas sucedan. Luego están los que observan cómo suceden las cosas. Por último, quedan aquellos que llegan tarde y se preguntan "qué ha pasado?".
Adiós a morder el polvo, es hora de cambios.


Nicholas Murray once defined that in the world there are 3 types of people: First, those who make things happen. Then, those who just watch at how things happen. Finally, those who always come late and ask "what did just happen!?".
Don't you bite the dust anymore and face change naturally.

Having 15 years of IT business experience in the financial sector, Lluís Soldevila's technical education as an IT engineer combined with his management training at IESE Business School, have driven his career from software development responsibilities into program management, consultancy and business development roles. He has proven experience in complex projects developed in multiple countries, in the areas of investment banking, CRM, e-banking and outsourcing strategies. Lluís is a strong communicator and expert in leading both people and organizations towards high performance. Author of two books and currently teacher in IT at ESADE, he defines himself as human accelerator and 'sherpa'.

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