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Music in our life | Stathis Artinos | TEDxUniversityofIoannina
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Added Jul 14, 2016
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Musical performance

Stathis Artinos.
Stathis Artinos was borned in Preveza at 8/4/1983.Him first songs were written at the age of 18 years old and issued at 2004. The cd single named “angels learn to fly” witch containing the song and the song “when the sun stop rising”, was crucial for his career, having more than 4.000.000 views, about today on Youtube.
The first disc, entitled "Words", released in 2006, approximately 1,000,000 views.Then he proceeded his studies in Contemporary song in the National Conservatory and in 2010 starts his appearances throughout Greece.
Him second album in 2012, called “eighth day“ while the artist is longer lasting tour until today.
Moving from Athens to his family in Arta, gave rise to the third disc and a series of songs with a strong and more mature point of tradition, on a lyrical and musical level. The first song of the disc, called “Arachthos or Acherontas” and it’s publishing from the company “final touch” in June of 2015. Summing, we have the version of the

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