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My life breakthrough. An idea for the world | Patrick D. Cowden | TEDxIUBH
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Added Aug 30, 2016
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My life breakthrough. An idea for the world

Patrick's personal breakthrough in life has become a lifelong calling to bring something simple back into the world. The goodness of who we truly are. Can we find a way to turn that on again with one another in any setting, any language, anywhere in just 6 minutes? And can it be strong enough to sustain us for days on end? And what would that mean to us in what we do at home, at work and at play? Can this simple thought really become an idea to change the world as we know it forever?

Patrick D. Cowden has spent almost 30 years in leadership positions in companies around the world, from Cap Gemini to Deutsche Bank, Dell and Hitachi. Built off of his military upbringing, Patrick learned to combine the best elements of American, European and Asian Leadership philosophies. Since starting BEYOND Leadership, Patrick has dedicated his life to finding an approach that activates our fullest human potential. A fundamental shift in the global economy from profit to people, from generating value to connecting human values. Where respect, trust and appreciation become the key to our success everywhere.

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