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Myth of the Model Minority | Aditya Kaushik & Michelle Huang | TEDxIrvingtonHighSchool
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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Asians naturally score better on tests and get accepted to more prestigious universities, correct? That may not be the case.

I wanted to do a TED Talk because I thought it would be fun to speak my mind in front of a bunch of strangers. I an passionate about a bunch of different things. The world is an amazing place, but unfortunately along with the positive there's a long of negative stuff that goes on, and I think people should be aware of the entire picture.
Often times when you hear about a particular issue, people will be pushing their agenda onto you. Especially in the political sphere, many issues are morphed so they fit a particular viewpoint and help someone advance his or her cause. Bigger picture, to me, means stepping back from all the bull* brainwashing that goes on in the world, and viewing the facts for what they are -- letting go of our stereotypes, releasing the conceptions we want to have, and rationally examining all the evidence.
Although I might sound pretty cynical, I genuinely believe that most people are inherently good, and I truly love human beings.

Michelle Huang feels most alive when speaking before a crowd. For the past five years of her life, she’s dedicated herself wholeheartedly to speech and debate. She’s always dreamed of standing on the Nationals finals stage, before an audience of thousands, and isn’t afraid of working hard to make it happen. In the meantime, she’s made it to the final round of multiple invitationals and is currently ranked in both Extemporaneous Speaking and Parliamentary Debate. Her passion for speech and debate also sparked her interest in international relations and critical theory, which have enabled her to look to the Bigger Picture. Through her talk, Michelle hopes to inspire the community to critically re-evaluate cultural assumptions, especially ones that pertain to the myth of the Asian model minority.

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