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Nature cures all | Steve "Yeti" Hitchcock | TEDxSchriever
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Added Sep 21, 2016
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Have you ever just wanted to get away from all the people? After a rough experience Steve Hitchcock escaped to nature and changed his life much more than he expected. Now through his non-profit, UpaDowna, he empowers individuals, makes his community healthier and shares his respect for the environment.

Yeti got his name from his college days of running around in the woods unencumbered and completely at home exploring the vast wild mountains, rolling around in the pine needles, climbing trees, and foraging for food. He is an all around outdoor adventurer, enjoying everything from mountain and road biking, climbing and bouldering, orienteering, skiing, surfing, backpacking, trail running and exploring. Yeti is proud to make his home in the Colorado Mountains with his wife and son. With no borders that can hold him, he has explored the US from Alaska to Florida and most places in between as well as far away places such as Europe, Asia, and Central America.

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