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"Nature is my classroom" | Eva Rodríguez | TEDxUPR
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Added Jul 19, 2016
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We only listen to what appeals our emotions and learn through curiosity. As a student, and now as a teacher, I am no stranger to "pay attention and learn" emphasis given in classrooms during school. What if we return the desire to discover the "curious explorer"? What if we change the classroom for nature?

Nosotros solo escuchamos aquello que apela a nuestras emociones y aprendemos a través de la curiosidad. Como estudiante y ahora como maestra, Eva no es una extraña al énfasis de “atiende y aprende” que se implementa en el salón de clases. ¿Qué tal si regresamos a fomentar el interés por la curiosidad? ¿Qué pasaría si transformáramos el salón por la naturaleza?

Eva is a Science teacher in WALKS / WEBS, moderator of Club Los Welteros of the school grove and Coordinator of W.W.E.C.O (WALKS WEBS ECOLOGY CLUB). Also, she founded the School Forest Project. Recognized on campus for her passion for ecological education, the environment and medicinal plants; during the school year she utilizes the School Forest as an instrument and demonstration lab for her science courses. She also directs the brigades of volunteers working on the project. It is the approach between the project and external collaborators, such as Green Campus of the University of Puerto Rico. Throughout the semester she has succeeded in promoting the use of Forest School between teachers in sciences, arts and social sciences. It is her vision that the project will serve as an external laboratory for all students in WALKS WEBS.

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