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Need for Adventure | Sai Prasanth | TEDxSSCBS
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Added Jul 5, 2016
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In August 2013, Sai Prasanth set out on an adventurous journey to Mt Everest base camp, leaving behind all his money and identity. He had to earn money, reach the destination and come back in 30 days! Why did he do it? Was he successful? He shares the experiences of this incredible journey and explains how they made him choose an adventurous lifestyle. He talks us through his adventures to the highest mountains of Africa and South America and concludes by highlighting the need for adventure in one’s life.

Sai Prasanth is of the rare few people who have the courage to choose how they wish to live their life and do it successfully. A man of many talents, Prasanth is an entrepreneur, mountaineer, scuba diver, wildlife adventurer, aspiring writer and a dreamer. He has climbed the highest mountains of Africa and South America and hopes to climb others on all seven continents.
He is the CEO and Co-founder of a wearable technology startup called ‘Muse’ which is building next generation consumer products. A revolutionary at heart, he believes in coming out of the box rather than just thinking outside of it.

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