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No Excuses Needed for Laughing | Rambod Javan | TEDxTUMS
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Added Aug 11, 2016
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In this funny interactive talk, Rambod Javan explains how is trying most in his career field to make people happy and fulfillment. He shows us the value of this job and the way it could be appreciable and how it brings ourselves happiness.

Rambod Javan‎‎, was born on 21 December, 1971 in Shahr Ara of Azeris parents. He is an Iranian theater and cinema actor and director. He has taken roles in eleven movies in cinema. Playing a short part in the popular TV series, Hamsaran, causes him to take a serious part in "Khane Sabz" as "Farid Sabahi" which made him famous. The roles he plays are usually comedy. He directed four television series named "Gomgashte", "Neshani", "Tote famili" and "Mosaferan" and some cinema films like "Spaghetti" and "voroud aghayan mamnou" . He is best known for his very popular telecast "Khandevaneh" that first aired on 11 June 2014 on Nasim channel. The program is focusing on showing that there should not be any reason not to laugh.

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