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No sabes lo que te espera | You don't know what awaits you | Pere Rosales | TEDxESADE
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Added Jul 4, 2016
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¿Qué hacer ante la incertidumbre? Nos causa angustia, nos reta... ¿Pero cómo la prevenimos en el caso de una organización, donde la adaptación al cambio ocurre a partir de la concienciación de las personas?


Uncertainty is probably the deepest challenge to tackle when managing an organization. But as big of a problem this might seem, you should prepare your people to handle it smoothly and keep being courageous with your goals. Listen to Pere Rosales, Founder & CEO of INUSUAL and advisor to campanies seeking to lay a ground for innovation practices, calling to action against the unforeseen.

Pere Rosales is an experienced business strategist and advisor to several top corporations. Although starting from a background in UX Design, his successful career as marketing and creative executive took him to found INUSUAL, an agency aiming to help organizations better implement and manage innovation. Ultimately, he empowers teams to better innovate, collaborate, and learn how to lead themselves towards an envisioned future.

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