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Ocean Hope Spots | Tony Ribbink | TEDxSaltRock
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Added Sep 22, 2016
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Dr Tony Ribbink, CEO of the Sustainable Seas Trust, explore the SST's Hope Spots (developed in partnership with Dr Sylvia Earle, winner of the TED Award in 2009) and the crucial link between sustainability and community.

Dr Tony Ribbink is the CEO of the Sustainable Seas Trust. He is an internationally recognised scientist who applies his expertise in the service of the people of South Africa, and Africa as a whole.

Dr Ribbink bridges the gap between science and community by placing science and technology in the appropriate socio-economic context with the specific aim of improving the quality of life of many rural communities.

Hundreds have benefited from Dr Ribbink’s capacity-building initiatives and from being positively exposed to science many continue to benefit from the Sustainable Seas Trust's activities.

Dr Ribbink has authored more than 100 scientific and other publications, and his work has been internationally recognised with among others a gold medal from WWF for contributions to conservation and education and a silver medal for limnological research, an award only presented four times since the society’s inception in 1964.

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