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Office Sunglasses; My Authentic Accessory | Jacob Green | TEDxCSULB
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Added Jun 30, 2016
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After interrupting a robbery during his freshman year in college, Jacob Green sustained a traumatic brain injury and damage to his visual processing center. His visual impairment and associated light sensitivity requires him to wear sunglasses in fluorescent light environments. After years of insecurity, Jacob now wears his sunglasses at work comfortably and will reveal in his Ted talk what he has learned about himself, others, and public service; and what we all can learn about leveraging that which may be holding us back.

Jacob Green is a CSULB alum who received a Masters in Public Administration and is an accomplished local government executive with fifteen years experience in crisis communications, emergency management, public safety operations, economic development, labor relations, and public sector leadership. He has broadened his professional passion to include: speaking to public and private companies and assisting leaders confront crisis, overcome adversity, and create more authentic work cultures. Jacob has received numerous awards for his leadership, including the National Caring Award, the Orange County Human Relations Award, and is the youngest recipient of the Long Beach Gene Lentzner Humanitarian Award.

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